February 2011

Brainfeeders LORN (US)

As some of you may not know who Lorn is here is a short decription of his music.....big, dark, deep soundscapes which is designed to blow peoples minds of all stereotypes!

Before being picked up by the label "BRAINFEEDER", I knew of Lorn through the internet skratch world, he would make these dope ass beats to kut to and every now and then I used to chat to him on this thing called Paltalk, wonder if he'll remember me lol!

The {move} boys were kind enough to ask me to perform before and of course I accepted!

So come down and check it out, i'll be doing lots of skratching and being me in my natural element :)


This friday the 25th March we will be blessed to see him perform at "The Bird" which is on william street in Northbridge, Perth.